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_aAstarita, Tommaso
245 _aInfrared thermography for thermo-fluid-dynamics
_cby Tommaso Astarita and Carlomagno, G. M.
260 _aBerlin ; New York :
300 _axxii, 224 p.:
_c23 c.m
440 _aExperimental fluid mechanics.
504 _aIncludes references and index
520 _a Infrared thermography is a measurement technique that enables to obtain non intrusive measurements of surface temperatures. One of the interesting features of this technique is its ability to measure a full two dimensional map of an object surface temperature and, for this reason, it has been widely used as a surface flow visualization technique. Since the temperature measurements can be extremely accurate, it is possible, by using a heat flux sensor, also to measure convective heat transfer coefficient distributions on a surface, making the technique de facto quantitative. This book, starting from the basic theory of radiation and heat flux sensors, guides, both the experienced researcher and the young student, in the correct application of this powerful technique to study convective heat transfer problems. A significant number of examples and applications are also examined in detail, often pointing out some relevant aspects.
650 _aThermography.
650 _aInfrared imaging.
651 _aFluid dynamics.
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_aCarlomagno, G M
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