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100 _aPriyadarsini, Madhukrishna
245 _aTraffic Management in SDN -A Road map to Research /
_c Madhukrishna Priyadarsini and Padmalochan Bera
260 _aMauritius :
_bScholars' Press,
300 _aviii, 38 p. :
_c21 cm.
_bill ;
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
520 _aSoftware-defined Network (SDN) is the promising paradigm for future Internet. It overcomes the weakness of traditional network (TCP/IP), and is considered as an assuring solution to serve a large number of heterogeneous traffic with varying requirements. In order to maintain the changing traffic demands, it encountered with challenges such as maintenance of traffic load, scalability and reliability, security hardening, cross-layer communication. Therefore, it is important to understand, analyze, and enhance the performance, security, and downtime limitations of SDN for implementation, deployment in live network environments and applications. In this book, we analyzed the performance challenges exist in SDN, and designed a controller system model (CSM) which provides energy-efficiency as well as load balancing scheme to address some of the challenges which leads to performance enhancement. This book, therefore provides a new direction to SDN research which enhances the SDN devices .
650 _a1. Traffic Engineering and Highway engineering
700 _aBera, Padmolochan
_eJoint Author
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